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Originally Posted by wild_andy_c
School h8r - your right - Microsoft stipulate it can't be bought without the necessary core components of a PC - chip, mem, optical, hdd and system board.

Vendors do do it more loosley though and Samuknow is right in what he says - a HDD - a bit dishonest of the vendors, but it sells them licenses and saves us money. BTW - my XP sticker license for this desktop is always in a safe place nowadays - and not on the PC - I been stung on WGA by someone who saw one of my systems and jotted the number down on a piece of paper and used it themselves!!! Very laborious process thereafter to prove to M$ that you were the buyer.
Andy! You had to learn this one the hard way!? ":O}

Well thanks for sparing us the same fate!":O}
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