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A quick update:

Moving flat on monday so i am pretty busy at the moment, but as soon as i have a free moment i will do more on the remote. Will prob come up with a how to in the near future.

managed to get an official xbox remote from ebay for 6 pounds including delivery which is nice. hasnt arrived yet but i should have it soon.

thinking about how i am going to organise all my media in the one interface, this would affect what buttons do what on the remote.

Installed windows xp media centre but unfortunatley, there is no support for my tv card. I would recommend it if your tv card does support it though, its a nice interface... maybe not worth the money though if you already have xp.

I had a look for an alternative media interface solution which will support all my media. Found something called media portal, a great free open source media centre type application for xp.


its supports quite alot of tv cards, including mine which is a bonus. The interface is really nice also, almost as slick as media centre.There are a few different skins included(something that i didnt see for media centre). More skins can be downloaded and there is a program which allows you to create your own skins.
Media portal basically does all media centre does and more, and the main sites forum great for finding solutions to any problems you may have.
It isnt a full release yet and has the occasional bug, im sure these will be ironed out with future releases though
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