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Sorry radcon56, the information the Windows installs checks for activation is never in the bios.

The activation is similar to the cd key, but is dependent on the install ID, date, time, and hardware config, this is generated by MS at the time of activation, and dependent on the information sent by your computer, and the activation code will only work once, even if the install ID was possibly the same.

Some OEM's have a partition which have the activated files on a hidden partition and have configured the install to point to them.

Dell, Compaq/HP, and another large OEM (I forget the name now) have used VLK software as their 'OEM' software. VLK software doesn't require activation. If you ever need a new CD key for one of those 'OEM' disks, when you ring MS, the type of key most likely to work on those disks is the VLK, where the OEM and retail keys will fail. This again is something I have had to deal with when working for MS.
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