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Cool DIY NF4 passive Chipset Cooler!

Hi all,
I'm getting my dremel (multitool is what it says but it's not dremel brand) today so i'm going to be working on a passive NF4 chipset heatsink, due to the fact that the Epox stock one is incredibly loud (about the same as my 2 ebuyer case fans AND my HSF Fan!). I need to work a few things out first, and maybe someone could help me out here:

How far apart do the pushpin/screw holes need to be to attach it to the motherboard (EP-9NPAJ-SLI)?
Should i use the pushpins, or use screws and some of those plastic red washers?

The chipset is right below the graphics card and i'm not sure what i should do, should i:
A) Cut a section out of each fin off of each side of the gap in the middle of the heatsink
B) Cut the fins on one side to make them smaller
C) Cut the fins on both sides to make them smaller

The heatsink in question is a stock A64 (the one without the heatpipes) that's had it's fan and bracket removed, so obviously, it's made out of aluminium (it's kinda like a modded hardcano cooler). Obviously, because of the screwholes, i am going to have to cut some of the fins out completely. I'm also going to polist the heatsink up using a multitool attachement, and i might even lap the base (either using the multitool, or i might get some sandpaper (grit 240 - 1000) and some mothers mag aluminium polish).

After i've done that, i'm going to be cutting the back panel of my door out so that just the silver grill is left.

I'll be sure to get pics and write an article about how to make your own. So, anything i should be aware of before i go cutting it up (some of you told me before but because i've gone for dremel rather than handsaw, anything else)?
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