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You know ASrock makes some nice MB's that dont have those prob's. The idea that you have to update the Bios on a new MB is just crazy to my way of thinking. I quit buying from one of my retailer's because when the Simpron chip's came out he refused to provide MB's that were Simpron compatable you had to update the bios to get them to see the chip right. Those Mb'[s were out there or available he just refused to stock them because they cost more at that time.

ive had 2 boxes just like that giving me that ntdlr message or just refusing to load the win XP files in the insalition and what I found was the DVD burner i was trying to use was having trouble reading the XP disk i grabed a diferent DVD reader[light on] and it loaded up no problem's the burner is a lighton to and burn's dvd's ok so Im not sure what's up. But this isint the first time ive seen this issue even though your Mb dosent see your 3400 chip right it still should load up your OS ok without any trouble. Ive got a 2500 mobill in a desktop running 2300mhz that is identify'd as a [Unknown Chip] but it run's like a dream. 200fsb at 11.5multy dosent have anything to do with loading the OS. Try sticking a dif bran new ribbon on a new drive and your old disk or a new one and see what happen's.===BA===
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