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Im getting ready to buy a 939 nforce-4 Asrock non sli Mb to stick a 3700 i have laying around from my last build as a game box. i just bought 2 gig of Gskill ddr-500 ram for it and an hoping for decient preformance as I entend to mildely Overclock it about 400mhz from a 2.2 to about a 2.6 and as soon as the miney is right again it's going to get a 7900 or 7800 video card.

Ive just been impressed with the burning and encoding that the 2gig of ram on the 939 system's dose. I know it wont keep up with my duall core chip a 2X4200 in the encoding but as far as burning is consirned the reliability of the system is amazing compared to the 1 gig of ram system's running a 400fsb. My game box has the same ram in it and you just cant beat it I almost never make a coaster and that is what im going for reliability.===BA===
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