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Well I'm having the same issue as Malachyte. My AthlonXP1600 is unlocked. I was running it in an AsusA7V at 12.5x103=1288. The default multiplier is 10.5.

When I upgraded to the Epox 8KHA+, I cannot get a multiplier above 10.5 to work. Also I max out at around 144/145fsb at 10.5 multiplier. I can lower the multiplier, and I am stable at 10x150=1500. But I was honestly expecting to get around 1600mhz without too much trouble, e.g. 11x145=1595mhz.

What gives? The multipliers should work. I'm worried about too high an FSB nixing my PCI/AGP cards so would rather run at higher multiplier and fsb in range 142-145.

If I cant fix the multipliers, what kind of FSB should I get without modding my board? I'm running Crucial Cas 2.5 DDRam. What bios settings to get stable at higher FSB's?
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