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7900GS, oooh, gnarly, a high-end 7 series with DDR2, who ever heard of such a thing. As for 7950GT, sounds promising for the enthusiast. But 7100. OMG, i can almost guarantee that it will be worse than the 6200TC, with the exception of memory. TBH, i think TC is bad in practice because it leaks a lot of your system memory which is sometimes needed for memory intensive tasks. It's the same as ATI's hyper-memory, which hasn't been seen for a while AFAIK.

But seriously, who is gonna be SLI-ing 7100's. Ok, with TC, it's a 1 gig of effective GDDR2, but even so, it's still not gonna be as effective as say a single 7600GT. Please, nvidia, stop releasing the low-end cards (i.e. 7100GS) and concentrate on the 8 series. The 7900GS i can just about accept, but please, no more "below low-end" cards, please.
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