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This might be a long shot but its worth trying.

Set the command rate in the bios to 2..not to the faster 1
As the setting changes to 2 at higher fsb's

If your memory has a particular dislike of the 1 command rate that might explaing the problem.

Ive also noticed some odd things happening when attempting to run 200fsb..where im stabler at higher multiplyer and unstable at lower ones. As my soundcard packs up at 200 ive not done any propper tests.

I would like to have a higher multiplyer than 12.5x to help me better find how far I can overclock..without touching the FSB.
Being able to find the maximum speed of the chip without an out of spec fsb would be interesting.
No longer Epox Tech.

Best of luck in the future all my friends.
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