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Why you SHOULD now dig out your copy of BF2

I discovered today what makes BF2 possibly the game of the decade.
No, it isn't BF2 itself, but a mod for it, called Point of Existence.

My God, it is good. Seriously, seriously good.
It is a massive download weighing in at 1GB, perhaps someone could shove it on AOA Files?

The game has completely changed BF2. The maps are new, and very very good. One map is simply a valley of thick, dense forest. German Forces and Ukraine Forces clash in the middle, resulting in explosive fighting (and seriously, it is EXTREMELY GOOD) that reminds me of the battles in Germany in WW2.
The vehicles are an amazing load of fun. We all know the tanks in BF2 are a bore, and the APCs are the only things that are really "explosive" and have such poor armour you get taken out easily.
Well, POE has about 20 different tanks.

You heard. Twenty. They are also extremely fun, they have miniguns, rocket launchers, heat seeking missiles...and its incredibly explosive.

And the guns? Wheeee! They are fast, and loud. Unlike other game slike BF2 where the guns make pops and squeals, in OE they sound like machines guns in your ears! It is so much fun to fire them.
Not only that but in POE they have changed some of the physics of the game. Firstly, explosions are bigger and more realistic. Secondly, when you shoot someone, they bleed. Thirdly, tanks and vehicles actually show damage much better than in BF2.
Whats also been dramatically improved is the sound. Rather than grunting when you die, your character lets out a crazy shriek that sounds truly terrifiyng, and like somebody really dying...

My goodness. Dig out your copy of BF2 and download POE now. You'll be hooked. Forget any thoughts you have on BF2, POE is a completely new game.
You can see how exicted I am because I'm not ty[ing properly!!!!!!!


Lastly, may I add, that unlike BF2, POE lacks the arseholes that often ruin your game. Most of the players on the servers were brilliant, mature, proper players. There was actual teamplay. Hopefully, this game will stay that way.
I was so excited, I forgot about screenshots, so heres some from the website.

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