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Originally Posted by IceRaptor
Well yestoday i played BF2 after a long time,I normally play on the where nearly everyone is a well experianced player. BlazingUK also plays on that server alot. But this time it was full, so i got into another server where as soon as i lgged in a tank appeared infront, i thought i was lucky, but some1 else saw me get in the tank and stood infront of it, so to avoid team kill i reversed , he then put 2 C4's on me and boom.

I got so pissed i logged out, and made a new account. I got into a server with no punkbuster and I gotta say it was the best game of BF2 ever, I sent my Team mates to hell before they spawned. ended up witha score of -320 in the first round before i got kicked
That's not necessarily a good thing, Raptor. =(
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