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Originally Posted by skool h8r
Still, very handy for the extremely addicted gamers but the seek time on these things is gonna be into the seconds, rather than ms. There's 63 sectors of each cylinder (i think that's right), ther's also a limit to how many cylinders you can fit on a disc which is why there is more than one in larger drives. So it's gonna have high seek time which will be it's achilles heal IMO.
Actually, no.

The seek time is predominantly determined by two things: How fast the disk rotates, and how fast you can move the heads.

All other things being equal, a 3.5" disk will have a faster seek than a 5 1/4" disk, because the physical distance that has to be traversed by the head is smaller. It doesn't matter that our current crop of 3.5" disks have 750 GiB of storage, where our old 5.25" disks had only 90 MiB of storage; what matters is that there was physically more distance to travel to get at the data on the 5.25" disks than on the 3.5" disks.
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