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Originally Posted by skool h8r
Damn...I wish FarCry used it more. I just hope Crysis will so we can have AA + "HDR" at the same time.
No Crysis uses full HDR so you'll need a ATi card to get it, or G80 if it supports it.

I hope G80 supports HDR+AA so developers start building such options into their games. Although details on G80 are few and far between.

Originally Posted by skool h8r
I wonder if it would be possible for Crytek to release a patch that would fix it for SLi (use one GPU for HDR and one for AA)
Ambitious, but no idea if it's possible, plus, since there's no load balancing between the cards, you'll be back to single card performance. Not something that's likely to sit well with people

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