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In high end computers, such as Voodoo systems, TECs are used but not directly as part of the cpu cooler, if you know what I mean. They are used rather in conjunction with a full water cooling system and placed in a sealed, seperate part of the case so the heat on the other side of the ceramics has less of an effect on system temperatures.
An Arctic Freezer can cool very close to the capability of water cooling. A TEC does not represent good value for money. You can get a complete WC solution now for around £100, so why pay £70 for a TEC?
And with Arctic Freezers just £12, the justification of spending the extra £58 is going to have to mean temperatures dramatically better than a Freezer and therefore better than a cheap WC kit.

In essence, there are better cheaper solutions out there that still have superb cooling capabilities. And just look at the thing. How many motherboards will that fit on?

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