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Uhh an arctic freezer is mearly a cpu cooler right? a heatsink? Now what's "worth the extra money" is as it has always been, in the eyes of the beholder. Bottom line here is that this will cool your CPU better than a normal heatsink. Air coolers will always be 10-20 degrees warmer than liquid at load. Idle temps aren't good at showing how well your heatsink cools. This Tec reduces that to say 5-10. So with zero risk(some people are terrified of water cooling), one could buy this and get that extra little bit of cooling. (If it reduces it 10oC, look at the difference between good air and good water, normally a $100+ difference, for 20oC?). Price per degree celcius and risk, this thing really isn't bad.

Incase you don't know, half the heatpipes cool the CPU, the other half cool the tec, the tec and pipes cool the cold plate(hot side). So if somehow the tec fails, you're still getting good heatpipe cooling. This tec is controlled and varies the fans and the power going to it for efficiencey and cooling.
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