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Merely a CPU cooler?
No, more than that. It is by far the best around. It cools extremely close to the levels of low end water cooling.

Originally Posted by XeroHouR
get that extra little bit of cooling.
For an extra £58? That isn't good value for money. Tha fatc is this thing has a limited market.
Either your a limited overclocker who doesn't need or desire water cooling. A Freezer in this scenario will do you fine.
Or, you are an extreme overclocker who will do anything for those extra hertz. In this case, the TEC is still not the right option because your likely to go the full hog and get high end water cooling or phase change cooling.
I'm not aware of anyone who's willing to spend £70 for this. It isn't miles ahead of a Freezer yet a Freezer only costs £12, and if you really wanted to OC highly you'd just get WC or Phase Change, like I just said.

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