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avoiding moisture

you can build a moisture filter, if you are just afraid of condensation. 1st step is to make a box about the size of a case fan, but about twice as long. Get some screen with really small holes, and put the case fan inside the box with a filter. Next throw some screen in next to the fan. Follow it up by filling the rest of the box with silica gel (you get little packets of it w/ new pairs of shoes, it looks like little hard balls) which you can buy at chemical stores, and some autoparts stores. Install it so it blows air into your case, and plug it in. When the air runs through the silica, it removes and stores ALL the water. Once every 3 months or so, take the silica jel out, put it on a cookie sheet, and bake it in the oven for a few minutes to remove the stored water and reactivate it. I have used a similar design to dry out carpets in flooded homes (about a 1 gallon bucket full of silica will dry a carpeted living room completely in about 12 hours)
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