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Communtiy guide: Email scams are evolving and how to stay safe

Hi all,
It looks like it's finally happening, the days of lame looking spoof emails are disappearing and being replaced with more convincing siblings. Yes, today, i received one, "from ebay" with "a member" asking me a question. If i may, i present to you, subject A:

Looks ever so convincing, at least to the unsuspecting. Now, at the moment i read this, i was thinking of responding to the question, despite not having anything for sale like this, because i thought someone had got into my account. So, i clicked the link. Hmmm, what page was it that appeared. Oh that's right, the "ebay" login page. Hmmm, so i entered part of my username and froze. Lucky i stopped because if i hadn't, i wouldn't have noticed the address bar. Yep, not ebay's server. In fact, when i browsed to the domain, it was actually some far eastern language and looked to be some sort of service provider (i.e. email servers, web servers, etc).

Now, would you have been fooled? Here's how you detect fake from real (as far as you can without going the long way round). It's a simple, two step double check. Firstly, ebay include your member name in ALL their emails. If you can't find it, then it's a fake. 100%, no doubt, fake.
Secondly, you can do the following:

That's it! If the link tooltip that appears (the little yellow box with text in it) doesn't have (not just, then it is probably gonne be a fake.

It's simple enough to avoid it, just go to in your web browser and go from there.

Note: For obvious reasons, i decided to protect the members name as it could be a real member and they don't deserver grief for something they may not have been involved in.
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