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Originally Posted by gizmo
Of course the 'anti-phishing' toolbars can bring with them privacy issues of their own, because they have to contact a central server with information about what you are viewing, and the browser is likely going to give away all kinds of personally identifiable information about you.

sigh. It never ends........

Hmm, you've got me thinking there, we have a helluva lot of knowledgable people here at AOA who excel in a certain area of computing. Perhaps we could build a community web browser and by using all the knowledge everyone here has, we can utilise all sorts of different thing. For example, instructions that utilise the CPU as effectively as possible. Our own custom browser engine (incredibly hard but could turn out incredibly, erm, incredible). Our own guidelines on privacy and best practices. I know that this isn't actually going to happen though because no one will be bothered....
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