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the device doesn't drop to sub ambient temps, its micro controller controlled and pumps only part of the heat. Some of the heatpipes cool the plate also. Partial heat dissipation by the pelt and the heatpipes is agreat idea. I'd like to see this developed a bit more than this.

I don't think that you can get a good watercooling set up for the $100 or so US that this thing costs. I agree water is a better way to go, but with the incredible eas of set up, since you don't have to figure out how to mangle ur case to mount a radiator, this is a simple way to achieve about water temperatures, without any hassle. Also plenty of people steer clear of water because of the small likelyhood of a leak. This has no way to leak, and offers similar performance.

As far as the price difference between this and the freezer, aren't people willing to pay $80 more for a video card that is an EASILY overclockable difference? The bottom line is they know that there is always someone willing to drop the extra cash for minimal gains, and they are marketing to those people. To be really honest if the price was about 20 less, and maybe without frieght, this thing would be in my computer now. Perhaps once the novelty wears off price will drop and it will be seen as a slightly better idea.
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