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You don't seem to be reading what I'm saying.
1. How do you know how well the Arctic Freezer overclocks? It is easy to overclock very highly with a Freezer 64 - some people have oc'd very clsoe to water cooling.
2. I said a £58 difference - not $80. £58 in $ is $110. That is a VAST amount of difference. so yes, I do think that is too much more to pay over decent air cooling....
3. I didn't personally mention a $100 water kit. I said £100. Which translates as $189 - thats nearly double what you said. Perhaps you mean the $100 this TEc costs, in which case it still doesn't work out if you read what I say because there aren't many people who'll spend that. Either your not too fussed and spend £20 on decent air, or your hardcore and go straight to water cooling.
4. Water cooling kits hardly ever leak. If they do, it's probably because the person who installed it didn't do it properly. If you test the pipes outside your rig, you can see if it leaks.
5. The liquid used in WC kits is more than often non-conductive, so is less likely to cause problems.
6. A TEC cooler such as that does not usually offer similar performance to water cooling or phase change cooling.
7. Yes people are willing to pay more for an overclockable video card. But I don't see what thats got to do with anyhting I've said. Please read my posts properly.
8. Aédan quite rightly brings up the issue of power. A TEC cooler needs hefty power to cool. This is just how they work. If you under-power the TEC it won't cool very well.
The bottom line is they know that there is always someone willing to drop the extra cash for minimal gains, and they are marketing to those people.
These people are better known as short sighted kids with too much money and no sense.
10. It's rubbish.

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