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#.Your points

my answers, wouldn't post with quotes...

You don't seem to be reading what I'm saying.
1. How do you know how well the Arctic Freezer overclocks? It is easy to overclock very highly with a Freezer 64 - some people have oc'd very clsoe to water cooling.

Some people might also have good chips. Causality.

2. I said a £58 difference - not $80. £58 in $ is $110. That is a VAST amount of difference. so yes, I do think that is too much more to pay over decent air cooling....

the difference transcends currency... OK watercooling is 140 US (160 is probably more likely), this is 100. I think if it were 75 or so it would be a good option.

3. I didn't personally mention a $100 water kit. I said £100. Which translates as $189 - thats nearly double what you said. Perhaps you mean the $100 this TEc costs, in which case it still doesn't work out if you read what I say because there aren't many people who'll spend that. Either your not too fussed and spend £20 on decent air, or your hardcore and go straight to water cooling.

I agree?

4. Water cooling kits hardly ever leak. If they do, it's probably because the person who installed it didn't do it properly. If you test the pipes outside your rig, you can see if it leaks.

I agree, but a lot of people don't have faith in thier own unexperienced hands, nor willing to take the time to test it. This is a way for $100 US to get the same performance with NO RISK of leaks. To those who are willing to spend the money, and they are out there, and the company who makes this knows this, its a good alternative. Slightly better than air cooling for slightly bigger prices...

5. The liquid used in WC kits is more than often non-conductive, so is less likely to cause problems.

non-conductive fluid become conductive when they get contaminated, and if u make ur own system odds are you will contaminate it. Again, the issue here is amature setup.

6. A TEC cooler such as that does not usually offer similar performance to water cooling or phase change cooling.

I never said phase change cooling, and the tests that I saw were as good as the previous watercooling rig i had, which was a 120mm rad, medium fan and a decent block. Again, ease of use, and $60 US less than the cost of a cooling rig that performs well...

7. Yes people are willing to pay more for an overclockable video card. But I don't see what thats got to do with anyhting I've said. Please read my posts properly.

I wasn't replying to just you, but everyone. The point is that people are willing to pay more for the factory to overclock for them, when they could very well do it themselves. The cooler here is better than air, but requires no hard configuration. Water might offer a bit more, but the cost is more complex set up. I'm making a relationship here between performance from a video card and performance between cooling. I assure you I read your posts, don't assume that I didn't...maybe you could pay a little more attention to my points, instead of trying to blindly disprove me.

8. Aédan quite rightly brings up the issue of power. A TEC cooler needs hefty power to cool. This is just how they work. If you under-power the TEC it won't cool very well.

The idea here is to relieve the TEC of some of its duty by adding heatpipes to the cold plate. This allows for a lower power tec to cool. This helps out with efficiency a little bit. This tec is controlled by a board that goes into the pci slot. Perhaps you didn't read into it again?

These people are better known as short sighted kids with too much money and no sense.

So kids are the ones who have too much money to succumb to this really good marketing idea? Take an economics class. If you can hit the market at each level of money they are willing to spend, they will maximize thier profits. With this its not about selling to every tom dick and harry who wants better cooling, its for the richer people who are more lazy, less capable, or just like gimmicks. Shunning this product because it isn't the best possible solution, especially for the money, is a terrible idea. Personally I'd like to see TECs implemeneted in more creative ways like this. I've had nothing but bad experiences with TECs, but they are most certainly amazing. I feel its a matter of time before something like a TEC comes along and improves cooling. Things like this help push the envelope, so why scare people away form them by saying its such a terrbile idea, when it actually is a pretty decent cooler.

10. It's rubbish.
????blind arguement to reach ten perhaps????
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