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Yes, blind arguement because I like to round my numbers, not out of seriousness. Which I'm sure you see....
I like some of your points. But whereas your posts indicated through errors that perhaps you hadn't read my posts, I don't indicate a return of this by being erroneous, but by having a different opinion. So this point suddenly becomes invalid.
Not shunning a product because it's for money making seriously disowns a product designer, or an aspirational one like me.
True designers who design for qualtiy do not design purely for cash. And example of this is quite simple. Look at the design of a lemon squeezer by Philippe Starck. It is terrible. The lemon juice goes everywhere. But he pursued it for MONEY - giving him a terrible reputation and undermining his ethos as a designer of good quality products.
A good product does NOT always mean a product which sells well. Even companies know this, even ones all about money, arguably Apple are a good example of this.
Take a Product Design class.

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Skinny people are not petite in every aspect of the body, let me tell you that
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I was searching for a synonym for testicles that rhymed with hats


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