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i really wanted to vmod my memory and core since they are so easy on the 79s, i've seen extreme overclocks on air cooling with these mods done, and the temps are pretty low due to the .09nm process. I found a guy on hardocp's forums that was willing to back his statement in his post that it did 2.8 on his cooling(mine is better) at 1.475V, I'm willing to go higher than that even, but he garenteed it at that voltage. So He'll back it. I don't care about dual core myself right now, because I pretty much exclusivly game on my computer. I can't justify the 100 more when that could be put towards another gig of memory, or raid or something.

The HR-03 comes with nice ramsinks, given the low thermal output of the ram on these, even when voltmodded and overclocked. I do want to do water cooling, but I'm not sure where I'm going to go with that, and when.

oh and its a 146, i realize i'm paying about what it is new, but i'm garenteed 2.8, i think thats a fair deal, because if its brand new i can't return it just because it wont overclock 600mhz....
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