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Originally Posted by Daston
Great another one! Best 40k game to date. The reason why it looks very "WoW" like is because Blizzard worked with Games Workshop years back. Starcraft was going to be the first Dawn of War game and Warcraft the fantasy version but Blizzard pulled out and basicly ripped off all of GW's ideas then got sued.

Which is why were never going to see a Starcraft 2. It pisses me off too no end. At one time I was ranked 63rd in ladder matches in BW, I played that game alot with friends, it was so damn fun and plenty of decent mods too. I really wish Blizzard and GW would hook up and finish the damn storyline.... SC took game of the year 97 and strategy game of the year there's no doubt in my mind it could do it again.
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