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numerous times in the last 24 hours ive recieved a BSOD
microsoft states it could be anything from a damaged CPU cach, to a "bus" malfunction ect .. caused by virtually piece any hardware(lots of help then, thanks microsoft)

this has (so far) only happened when
im downloading to my Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 250 GB HDD
at the same sime i ether am
encoding a movie (i can encode but not download at same time)
or defragmenting the above HDD (again whilst downloading)
no crashes undergeneral use inc downloading

it seems do be whilst the hdd is under sustained heavy use, also no problem with playing games (UT2004)

NB. while encoding with my overclocked cpu (AMD64 3000 to 2.21GHz) the screen froze, no mouse movement ect, once i undid the overclock i now get the BSOD mentioned above,

no problems before got the new HDD, in guessing its a HDD problem however the drivers are latest, and motherboard bios latest.

was wondering, are my assumptions correct?

also, if i install a firewall i always get BSOD, mcafee and zonealarm are the ones ive tried.. a known error? of so any help (i was running firewall after the 1st BSOD last night, but uninstalling yeiled no results )
thanks for any advise.

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