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Originally Posted by grimwig
this has (so far) only happened when
im downloading to my Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 250 GB HDD
at the same sime i ether am
encoding a movie (i can encode but not download at same time)
or defragmenting the above HDD (again whilst downloading)
no crashes undergeneral use inc downloading
Firstly, don't blame Microsoft. The fault lies not with them. I don't exactly like 'soft, but bashing them at every oppurtunity gets on my nerves.
Secondly, the above is asking for trouble. Encoding a movie is tough work for both cpu and hdd, and if your trying to multi-task at the same time with something else just as intensive it really doesn't surprise me you get problems. You really should not multi-task while defragmenting
I would check your temps, run memtest to check it's not a memory problem and defrag WITHOUT doing anyhting else until it's finished. At all. Even MSN.
Good luck.

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