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Originally Posted by aghastpumpkin
Firstly, don't blame Microsoft. The fault lies not with them. I don't exactly like 'soft, but bashing them at every oppurtunity gets on my nerves.
Secondly, the above is asking for trouble. Encoding a movie is tough work for both cpu and hdd, and if your trying to multi-task at the same time with something else just as intensive it really doesn't surprise me you get problems. You really should not multi-task while defragmenting
I would check your temps, run memtest to check it's not a memory problem and defrag WITHOUT doing anyhting else until it's finished. At all. Even MSN.
Good luck.
it just crashed while web browsing...
i shall run memory test (i forgot to mention i upgraded it recently (last 3 months)
also, prehaps my meaning regarding microsoft wasnt clear, no bashing mate, pretty childish tbh, i was stating id looked myself for the answer (google didnt help either, error caused ranging from a faulty network hard, to conflicting sata drivers), frustrated that id found nothing, the sentence regarding microsoft is explained.
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