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Well i couldn't fix it. Lucky i kept that backup from 2 weeks ago (although i could have done a backup and restore). I'm going to just backup and restore the files that have changed once the first restore is done. Good advice here folks: NEVER install the NForce4 drivers before installing at least SP1. Heed the warning that is given on the autorun (if it's on your motherboard driver disc). If you don't, and you want to install SP2, uninstall ALL nvidia drivers first, just to be on the safe side. And NEVER install the nvidia IDE drivers, because when your computer restarts, it will simply freeze as soon as you move the mouse, they're that unstable.

One of these days, i'm just gonna buy a new, really small HDD, and install Windows on there. Then buy a few really large SATA drives and set up a RAID 0. Gonna put it all in a tower case so i can mount them where i can plug the connecters in easily (At the moment, the connectors are near the front of the case and it's difficult to reach them, and even worse is how easy the SATA power connecters come out on their own). But enough of the babble, you have been warned folks.
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