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true, but surly it would crash when playing games?? when my 6800NU is under load?
ive a crappy Qtek psu, 650 watts, but i was able to run 3 harddrives with no issues, (im down to 1 now)... i suspect its my sata drivers, ram is nunning at 201mhz once overclocked, (setting the dividers, as cheap ram) single channel 786mb.
seatools reports no disk errors,
ill try the driver swap tomorrow,

but, memtest, it passed the first tests (19 mins) but turned the pc just turned itsself of atfer about half an hour... im guessing that counts as a fail,

it blue screans not so often, i managed a defrag today, also did a fresh install of windows, no blue screan till after everthing was installed (inc programs and drivers) about once every 5 hours if just web browsing, msn, using word ect.
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