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Exclamation Component to VGA or DVI Conversion

I don't own a HDTV, and right now I really cant afford it. Given the fact that I am only looking for one to play PS3 in, I'd rather go for a converter so i can put the HD Video Signal in my PC's Moitor. Haven't got a PS3, but might get one in next 2 months. Does PS3 have any converter like XBOX360? or Is there any converters that can convert signals from Component Video Out (Male) to VGA or DVI?

Since PS3 has a HDMI output; Even a HDMI to DVI/VGA Converter will do, if it supports up to 1080p conversion. But I wonder what happens to the sound that also comes with the HDMI cable, once the data is converted to DVI/VGA's signal???

I'm looking for the one which can convert up to the 1080p signal to same resolution in VGA/DVI mode. If not, then atleast up to 1080i conversion.

If possible, I'm looking for a common, or popular brand that has more probability of being available worldwide.

If there's a one available from a reputed e-store that can provide international shipping, that'd do too.

Doesn't need to be too expensive, unless really necessary!

Thanks a lot in advance.

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