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Originally Posted by niepamietam
"'98 box should allow it to assign an IP address to the other machine " - could you repeat it, maybe with a little less sophisticated vocabulary? I'm not so good at engilsh..
Sorry - I knew what I meant

Basically your Win98 machine will be assigned an IP address by your service provider when you connect up.

ICS will then assign another address to the WinXP machine so it can route traffic that originated on the XP machine back to it - the ICS software uses addresses that begin 192.168 for that.

The only address you should set up is the one for the network card on the Win98 machine thats connected to the XP machine - should do it. - Edit: I think ICS may do this when you enable it for this adaptor but its worth checking.

There's a rather good diagram here:

As far as the WinXP machine is concerned the Win98 machine is its internet service provider so the Win98 machine always needs to be running first.

I hope this helps - please come back if its still not making sense.

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