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Special Forces, seriously? Wow!

At the moment, i would have to say BF2142 is looking decent (don't even say it ).
The game i am waiting impatiently for is UT2007. I got a preorder in September and it's not out until end of January (23rd or 29th). If ya want UE3 now though, Gears of War for 360 uses it (if you've seen the UK advert for it, those are the sort of effects Unreal Engine 3 features). I saw the advert the other night, and when i saw the lighting effects and the detail of the characters...This could end up looking better than Crysis!

I also have to say SourceForts has me hooked. HL2 still looks awesome, even compared to some games today (Except FEAR and games based on UE3). Crysis and UT2007 are my hopefuls at the moment. If Call of Duty 3 was coming to PC, i'd have got that by now since it's supposed to be a HD game (or have some sort of HD mode).
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