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If your work ISP is DSL, then it's probably PPoE configured;

if your ISP at home is something like Comcast, then it's not configured as PPoE -- it's DHCP.

Did you try running the internet connection wizard again at home?

Try looking at the picture I've attached and make sure you have this last box checked, before you run the internet connection wizard again (for non-PPoE setup).


When you run the internet connection setup, you'll need to choose (Connect to the Internet), (Setup my connection manually), (Connect using a broadband connection that is always on), and hit finish; then try to reestablish a connection.
That is, if it's a DHCP server.

If it doesn't go the first time, right click on your network connection, and select (Repair); then retry Internet Explorer and see if it goes.

And of course, you're going to have to rerun setup for the PPoE connection(?), when you get back to work.

Did that get it?
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