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Originally Posted by Samuknow
If you have a router, you do not need to use ICS. Your routher will share the internet connection.
my point exactly. the ics myth to retard inbound hacking... on a shared file network... residing on a router already inside the gateway...

well, it just doesn't justify the internet and pc performance penalties (or the consistency of notariety MS gives it)..

not to mention the PITA it is every time the adjacent pcs boot looking for mapped drive files, if so configured. P2P configuration of the shared resources, set for firewall subnet access only, is a helluva more efficient consideration (and fairly friendly).

Most routers already give us the ability to restrict ip accesses, without any internal firewall services running.

Another option yet(?) -- setup a cheap NAS drive connected to the router, where files can be dumped to, and accessed from, by all pcs. Makes obtaining or transferring files, or storing backups, a heckuva lot more efficient. Then, get yourself a $150 CAT5 enabled laser printer, setup on a P2P service, so you can dump to it from all pcs.. but also just shut it off when/if the kids go Millsberry doll dress-up printer happy.
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