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I dunno about DDR going much lower, as it is still used in alot of applications as an IC rather than on a DIMM. We've also seen production pretty much fall out of existence, and fairly well-matched to demand and stockpiles. We might see cost surge a wee bit before it falls right off the consumer market.

DDR2...well...while I'm a tad upset that the cost is where it is, quite a few people have been albe to capitalize on it. Not only is it in 240-pin DIMMs, it's also on FB-DIMMs, and a few other places. Demand is VERY high, due to it being on ALOT of boxes right now, including Apple products, by way of FBDIMM, and with OEM's building Vista boxes as you read this and for quite some time before now, and for some time to come, so demand is going to stay the way it is for a while. If you want to know how long it will be in demand, simply look at AMD or Intel roadmaps, and planned transitions to whatever it is they have planned.

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