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How do you make Overclocking stable?

Odd question but I seem to be getting some strange results from my overclocks. I normaly drop the RAM timings down from 400 -> 333mhz and then increase the clock speed until the RAM is around 200mhz (in CPU-Z) again as this is where it started. Doing this I can get around 2.5-2.6ghz (X2 4400+) however programs like 3DMark 06 crashes as well as Battle Field:2142. Any ideas where I am going wrong am I pushing the CPU too far as the temps dont go above 35c. I used to use this for my old FX-53 and could get it up to 3.1ghz any ideas would be cool

AMD X2 4400+
2ghz GeIL DDR 400 PC 3200 CAS 3
Geforce 7900 GT
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