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Which motherboard?

Hey guys,

I'm in need of some help. Looking to build a media center PC and I can't decide between a few motherboards. It's basically a toss-up between these , though I'd like to stay at about $75, though I'll 'splurge' an extra 10 on a motherboard if neccesary. One of my main concerns is the difference between the Quadro NVS, 6100, and the ATI chipsets, especially the integrated graphics. Thanks, always helpful!

Oh and here are the specs of the media center I'm looking to build if you're interested. says upgradable if i come up with more money:

-case: black aspire xqpack (75) - upgradable to q-pack w/ window (86)

-hard drive: 250gb western digital (80)

-dvd burner: samsung 18x (31)

-processor: am2 3200+ (79) - upgradable to 3500+ (87)

-remote: microsoft media center remote (39)

-tv tuner: leadtek global expert (40)

-os: windows mce (110)

-motherboard: asus m2nbp-vm csm quadro nvs 210s (75) or one of these

-video card: nvidia 6100 (integrated) - upgradable to 7300gt (70), 7600gs (103), or 7600gt (125)

-ram: 1gb g.skill @ 667mhz (100) - upgradeable or change to corsair 533mhz (103) for stability/compatibility

-sound card: creative audigy se 7.1 (28) - upgradeable

-power supply: 420w (included with psu)

Core total: $650
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