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Yes it's very important your [ cpu/ram buss ] RATIO 5/6 or whatever controlles that freq speed your were asking about. For every 6 trip's the cpu takes around the MHZ the ram buss only take's 5 and that is the basic's for the math for finding out the math of the ram.

So given the fact you have a cpu that would let you way OC, your cpu and normall ram you might want to reset your ram to 333 and your ratio back to 6/5 that way you get a 6/5 = say 237fsb X 11 = 2607MHZcpu / 2166MHZ ram under the 2200mhz the ram is rated for.

I just use the nvidia moniter that is free to download from the Nvidia download page. Dont try to use the utility to OC. You have the right idea and your starting on some good equipment. This is why pc4000 ram is so neat it gives you the ability to go 1/1 cpu/ram ratio up to 250 or better FSB. when I rebuilt I was running 255FSB 1/1 at 2805MHZ on a 24/7 OC it was pretty impresive for a single core that you an buy for about 80 buck's or so today.--BA
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