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Question How much voltage can not naked Opty 148 handle?

Looks like that the main problem for my overclocking was the HTT clock, after lovering it down from 4x to 3x it was possible go higher with FSB w/o much problems.

The Opty of mine however need voltage bump to get there. I used 1.450 + 0.20V (1.650Vcore, as with old AXP) to get it Prime stable. However it looks like I not getting under 28,3sec for 1M SuperPi.

All the fun ended up when I accidentialy select Vcore bump to 0.60V. The Sapphire A9RX480 Grouper posted well, but instead of boot, there is just flashing prompt line, no C: before it, just the line. And it never booted again. Looks like 2V is able to kill Opteron 148 very easily...

My fault, tough.

Anyone got any experiences of near 2V Opteron using? Mine was not "naked", yet watercooled. It posted, tough...
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