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seems to me, bill wants to convey, vista is great, but hey not all can "afford" it. m$ probably lookin for a rep like aston martin or ferrari rather than being toyota - that in mind, they probably want less of these to be sold, but be on of in terms of features...? err.... im confuse, just what exactly does m$ want...

look at it from ths point, we all want ultimate edition: din gates tell u u have lower grade versions of vista, may be we the users need to beleive in the fact dat may be its not wat we all can have.

he other dayi was thinking, instead of making so massive requirement chages in hardrware, why cudnt they add some cooler easy to have stuffs? like da notepad cud be developed to be more programmer friendly like gedit or notepad++, paint cud really add some more features, the free mini games cud have more effects, nice use of direct 9 at least? addition of at least one fun filled gameplay: something like mario with a touch of dx9... better visualizations in WM11 than the same old cheap ones?

cudnt they add applications to have have more frosted glass look? i mean did u guys see the "add sidebar gadgets" window?? the clear glassy look?? what if they used same kind of effects for a specially vista version of live messenger? - rather tahn all these complex changes, that makes u pay extra money for the hardware as well... i mean the stuffs ive mentioned cud be integrated by M$ and give better value added features!

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