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Red face

cloasters - I hope too for never doing such mistake again... Some Vcore options go simply way too high... (the board also can deliver 4.4V to DDR rams, so...)

Samuknow - it was not so instant, it posted... But that was it.

cadaveca - I tried that, including completely reflashing the bios on other mobo, but no luck. Maybe I just should give him more time? I get the CPU to cold (outside is like -6 at night, so...) and I try it again, if you think it could be live, but I dubt it - sadly.

Seperah - 1.60 is not much and mine was watercooled too. But not naked. Maybe if it was naked, it survived...

Artik2 - I'm not affraid, but the CPU is gone and it did 3Ghz, so, a bit of waste, eh? And temember that old AthlonXP are done with way different technology. Todays CPU's are done with much more sensitive technology... So that is why taking Vcore to 2V there require serious cooling (extremly good pelt powered chilled watercool or phase cool...) if the CPU has to last more that like seconds as in my case it was...
Believe that you fry your Opteron (especially the dual cores are even more sensitive) if you apply 2V to it
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