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God, this stuff is so confusing. I don't think I can call myself the Mod Captain anymore, since it seems I can't manage to do anything! =(

I think my main priority at this moment in time is the actual structure of the Mod Squad. If I can quote my first post in this thread;

Originally Posted by Raphael2040
Okay, so, I've been Captain of the MS for a while now, and I really can't say that I've done anything as captain. This post is directed towards all current Mod Squad members, as well as other modders wanting to be a part of the squad.

At the moment, the squad consists of the following;

Raphael - Captain
Favu - Vice Captain
Pitch - Vice Captain
Cap'n Curran

I'd appreciate it if the above people could post here, just to let me know that they are still willing to be a part of the squad.

Now, as for the team itself, there's gonna be a few changes. -clears throat-

Firstly, at least one project will be completed bi-weekly. This project must be done as a team, unless someone within the team has a mod to show off or something, in which case, we'll clean up the mod so it's frontpage-able.

Perhaps it's time for a revisal of the team? Unless all team members contact me and let me know that they would still like to be in the team, I -may- end up switching some people around.

The whole point of the squad was not so they were the only ones who could do mods. No, it was to get some of the best modders on AOA to write up guides, how to's, hints and tips, etc, as well as mods. Other AOA members could contribute to the Mod Squad's efforts, too, by simply posting a mod in the Chop Shop section. If the Mod Squad think it's well written and well done, it will get the Mod Squad Stamp Of Approval (MSSOA).

As for bi-weekly projects, I'm going to have to contact all current Mod Squad members and see if we can conjure up a list of guides and mods we will be doing over the next few weeks. This list will be posted in a thread and updated when guides/mods have been completed and when new ones have been decided. If all goes to plan, this means we'll be having at least one Mod or Guide every fortnight.

As for the actual members; If you're a member of the Mod Squad currently, please, please, please PM me. I really don't want to have to remove your name from the list, because it'll make me feel bad and make me look like an evil person. =(

There are several people on AOA who I would like to add to the Mod Squad, too. I'm gonna send them a PM and let them know of my interests.

But that's basically it. Again, I'd appreciate any and all input from staff and regular members here.

I know it seems like I keep repeating myself in these posts, but I guess it has to be done until I can manage to put together a reasonable structure.

Thanks in advance, guys.

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