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you ram is run at that low freq. is because they cant run at that speed you set it to.
what is your memory PC2100/pc2700/pc3200 etc

give the ram some more volt 2.80V ( Dimm volt in bios)
set the ram to 2.5-4-4-8-11-16 1T ( you can se that in cpu-z)
DDR to 333 mhz
to calculate mem speed.
200xmultiplier/ memory ( 200x11/166= 13 )
237x11/13 = 200 mhz so at 2607 mhz cpu with 166mhz on ram, your memory speed is 200 mhz ( pc3200).
2500K-4600mhz/8gb ram /2x6970.
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