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El Cheapo silent PC

I'm looking to do a little project -

I have around 20 GBP to spend on this, so here we go :

I'm looking to get my hands on an old and unwanted PC, and then to convert it to fully fanless (and therefore silent) operation.

I've been cruising around ebay and most of the stuff I am seeing is around the P1 / P2 level, which is plenty powerful enough for me

I figured I would ask if anyone has a PC floating around they don't want anymore, I should be able to cover postage and such. The PC will of course, if I get it done, fold 24/7

Anyhow, for the CPU cooling I was thinking of getting a cheap modern heatpipe CPU HSF assembly, removing the fan and running it as a passive cooling system. I reckon that should work out OK as older processors didn't produce too much heat

I have less of a clue about the PSU though. I am thinking that I will either have to mod a PSU to fanless, or I will have to see about using an external power brick.

Anyhow, does anyone have any offers, ideas, suggestions, hints, tips or tricks?
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