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when the harddrive on my fujitsu died i replaced it with a hitachi.. and its the best replacement i put in that thing... never before has the computer felt so fast. it writes and reads REALLY fast and the it even boots up faster then it used too...

for laptop wise iam sold on hitachi and nothing else... never have i used a laptop that is faster and quieter then a hitachi.

BUT your using a desktop.. i rank them 3rd on my "to get list" for Desktop

First and second place for desktop harddrives are Seagate and Western Digital (both change back and forth because i have had problems with both and had good experiences with both)

I put Hitachi as 3rd only because of the old "Deathstar" sayig... but look at all those public schools and colleges with IBM computers.. those things are never turned off... quiet.. RELIABLE and last for YEARs... so idk.. i guess if this Sata Seagate goes out on me for the main rig. i'll try out Hitachi on Raid 0 just for the heck of it.
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