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To be honest, I'm not fussed by this. Yeah its stylish and slick. But it's nothing nobody was expecting and nothing that extraordinary.
Quite how on earth a device you use to text and make phone calls an be as great as they make out bemuses me.

For me there are some glaringly obvious problems with this device.

1. It's looks are nice, but unlike the MP3 player market where the iPod was just completely refreshing, for me this is not the case. We already have stunningly good looking phones and I don't think this is any better.
2. Camera. 2 Megapixels is pretty rubbish to be honest, considering Sony Ericsson phones are shipping with what, 3/4 mega pixel cameras now? I just don't think thats good enough for the price.
3. Screen. It's impressive. But for me having such a large exposed screen on a mobile phone device is bad design. It's already bad enough when you have the smaller LCDs on Samsung mobiles. I just don't think it's wise to have a massive touch screen right on the front. This is a mobile phone, unlike MP3 players phones tend to get chucked around a lot more. Imagine what would happen if you put it down in the pub upside down and it went in a puddle of beer....on other phones this wouldn't be a problem but with such a big touchscreen (and touchscreens are fairly flimsy tbh) you would be in trouble!

4. Size. Look at it in the hand on the iPhone website. This thing is huge! It will be just like the blackberry when you make a call, you'll look ridiculous! Would you hold a PDA up to your ears? And imagine your standing there on the train holding this lump and trying to text... Talk about advertising yourself to thieves. It's hardly an item you can fold up inside your palm and hide, or slip easily into a trouser pocket.

5. No keypad? I think this is silly. I just don't think this is a wise idea. And how on earth do you text? By tapping the screen? I'm not convinced.

So yes, it's flashy, it a touchscreen and can play music and take (probably rubbish) pictures. It's too big, does too many things that other dedicated devices will always do better, and is about as revolutionary as a spade. If this thing is a success, it will only be because of the iPod.

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