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Originally Posted by fantomfreq
Somebody didn't watch the keynote......

Seriously, before you bash the device go watch the video.
I've just watched the video, and it doesn't tell me anything I didn't already know. I didn't watch the video at first, I read everything on the iPhone website. Thank you!
My post still stands as fair enough observations.
1. It's too big for me. I also don't know anyone who'd want something the size of a PDA as a phone. It is thin, but just still too big.
2. It's looks are nothing revolutionary. So I don't think this will sell it.
3. A 2 Mega pixel camera is below par, especially for that price range.
4. The impressive screen is likely to be susceptible to damage. Would you take this thing to a football match over the park? Or down the pub? Or on a night out?

So quite why you posted that at me, I don't know.

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Skinny people are not petite in every aspect of the body, let me tell you that
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I was searching for a synonym for testicles that rhymed with hats


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