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Originally Posted by aghastpumpkin
Imagine what would happen if you put it down in the pub upside down and it went in a puddle of beer....on other phones this wouldn't be a problem but with such a big touchscreen (and touchscreens are fairly flimsy tbh) you would be in trouble!
Why are touchscreen fairly flimsy? They happily suvive the rigors of shop floor use, where shop assistants are not known for being gentle. Touchscreens can happily handle wet environment and are often used when other input devices won't survive - it's not hard to seal a touchscreen, but is hard to seal buttons.

I fail to see why anyone would bother with a 4MP sensor on a phone, as phones are too much of a compromise to make use of any halfway decent sensor. All phone cameras I know of suffer from too much noise, poor light performance, and limiting optics. All you end up doing is having 4million pixels of low quality image rather than 2million pixels.
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