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A little noisy

Yesterday install a Panaflo 120mmx38mm HighSpeed BX. At 41.5 dBa and 103 cfm I considerate it a little noisy.

Today install a Delta 92mmx38mm TFB0912 UHE UltraHighSpaeed. At 62dBa and 142cfm . Now the Panaflo doesn't bother me at all cause I can't hear it. Is like playing with a vacuum cleaner beside you.

Waiting for the fan controller to arrive to decide if I keep it or not. It blows like a hurricane thou.

Edit:Two hours of 2 instances of F@H and defragmenting with perfect disk, CPU @ 2.91; Vcore 1.42

CPU--> 53C MB--> 44C
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ASUS G73 SW, IE7, 20 GB DD3 ram

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